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  • NuvoH2O Reviews

    February 20, 2024 4 min read

    NuvoH2O Reviews - Our Take + Customer Reviews (2024) - Aqua Home Supply

    NuvoH2O Reviews

    nuvoh2o review from Jeff
    "Should have installed sooner!"

    "Our water is so clear and exactly how you would want it to taste. Our faucet aerators no longer clog and tankless water heater doesn't need cleaning every 2 months. As the Aqua Home website describes, the water is actually cleaning some of the buildup around our faucets and shower heads. This system is exceptional. The filters install easily, anyone can do it. Overall system installation was a breeze."

    Jeff - Evan Mills, NY

    NuvoH2O Reviews by Softening System

    Water quality is a growing concern for homeowners everywhere, especially in the United States. Hard water, rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium, can cause a myriad of issues from limescale buildup in pipes and appliances to dry skin and hair.

    This is where NuvoH2O steps in, offering innovative solutions with its water softening systems.

    We've taken a closer look at three of these models: the Home Duo, Manor Duo, and Manor Trio systems to see how they stack up.


    NuvoH2O Home Duo Water System

    NuvoH2O Home Duo

    Features and Benefits

    The Home Duo is designed for homes with 1-2 residents, making it a compact yet effective solution for tackling hard water problems. It utilizes a salt-free citric acid process to lower pH levels and prevent scale buildup without the need for salt or electricity. This not only makes it environmentally friendly but also reduces maintenance hassle and costs.

    Installation and Maintenance

    Installation is straightforward, with clear instructions that allow for DIY setup within a couple of hours. The system requires a cartridge replacement every six months, depending on water usage, which can be easily done without professional help.


    Users have reported significant reductions in scale buildup, with noticeable improvements in water taste and softness. The Home Duo is particularly praised for its ability to maintain essential minerals in the water, offering a healthier alternative to traditional salt-based softeners.


    NuvoH2O Home Duo Reviews

    The NuvoH2O Home Duo is a fantastic addition to our home. It's compact, easy to install, and the improvement in water quality is remarkable. We've noticed cleaner dishes and less residue. The frequent cartridge change is a small price to pay for such benefits.
    Anita G. - Bellingham, WA
    The NuvoH2O Home Duo is a good investment. It effectively reduces scale and improves water quality. While I hoped for a more dramatic difference, it's well-suited for small spaces and is environmentally friendly. A solid choice overall.
    Sarah E. - Miami, FL

    NuvoH2O Manor Duo Water System

    Nuvo Manor Duo

    Features and Benefits

    The Manor Duo is tailored for larger households, supporting up to 4-6 residents. It shares the same salt-free technology as the Home Duo but with a higher capacity to handle more significant water usage. This system is an excellent fit for families looking to improve their water quality without the bulky footprint of conventional water softeners.

    Installation and Maintenance

    Similar to the Home Duo, the Manor Duo is easy to install with basic plumbing knowledge. The cartridge life is longer, catering to the increased water flow, and ensuring that maintenance remains low.


    Feedback from users highlights the Manor Duo's efficiency in preventing scale and improving water quality across various applications, from laundry to showering. Its effectiveness in large homes makes it a popular choice for those looking to upgrade their water treatment system.

    NuvoH2O Manor Duo Reviews

    After using the NuvoH2O Manor Duo for several months, the results are fantastic. Our water is noticeably softer, and appliances are free from scale buildup. It's compact, efficient, and while pricey, the long-term benefits justify the cost. An excellent choice for mid-sized homes.
    Josh B. - Scranton, PA
    I'm quite pleased with the NuvoH2O Manor Duo. It effectively softens water and is an excellent eco-friendly alternative. While I anticipated a greater reduction in water hardness, its performance is still commendable. Their customer service is top-notch too.
    Derek W. - Oceanside, CA

    NuvoH2O Manor Trio Water System

    NuvoH2O Manor Trio

    Features and Benefits

    The Manor Trio expands upon the Duo's capabilities by adding a third stage of filtration, aimed at removing common contaminants like chlorine, sediments, and other harmful substances. This makes the Trio not just a water softener but a comprehensive water filtration solution for ensuring the highest water quality.

    Installation and Maintenance

    The addition of a third filtration stage means the Manor Trio requires a bit more space and a slightly more involved installation process. However, the system is still designed for homeowner installation, and the long-lasting filters minimize maintenance needs.


    The Manor Trio is the most advanced option, offering not only scale prevention but also enhanced water purification. Users commend its ability to deliver crystal-clear, great-tasting water throughout the house, making it the go-to choice for those demanding the best in water quality.

    NuvoH2O Manor Trio Reviews

    Initially skeptical about salt-free softeners, I'm now a convert thanks to the NuvoH2O Manor Trio. It's eco-friendly and efficient. While the frequent cartridge replacement is an added expense, the benefits of softer water without the environmental impact of salt are worth it.
    Gary T. - Marinette, WI
    The NuvoH2O Manor Trio is exceptional. Our household has seen a dramatic improvement in water quality. It's especially noticeable in the softness of our clothes and the health of our skin and hair. Installation was a breeze, and the customer support was outstanding. It's a worthwhile investment for anyone dealing with hard water.
    Michelle L. - Omaha, NE
    The NuvoH2O Manor Trio is a solid performer. It effectively softens water and is simple to install and maintain. While the impact on water spots is moderate, the overall improvement in water quality is impressive. Great for households seeking an eco-friendly solution.
    Emily P. - Myrtle Beach, SC

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