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  • June 09, 2023 5 min read

    What is the best reverse osmosis system for your family? 

    Prior to making a decision about how you are going to deliver reverse osmosis water to your home, there are a number of questions that you should have answers to. 

    • What is Your Water Source?
      • Understanding whether you are accessing municipal or well water is important. Many RO systems are not compatible with well water and you will need to explore alternative options. 


    • How Much Water Do you Need?
      • As you read-on through this post, you will notice that we refer to gallons per day (GPD) quite frequently. Smaller families will require a smaller GPD output than larger families. 


    • What is your Budget?
      • In this post we will provide recommendations on "point of use" systems that are installed at your water source (typically in your kitchen). This Old House sets the estimate on point of use systems at an average of $350-$500. Larger whole home RO systems are much more expensive as they are providing optimal filtration for all of your water access points. 


    • What are your Water Treatment Goals?
      • While the US is not known for having the worst water in the world, we certainly are not perfect. As testing has evolved, many municipalities are under fire for poor and often times dangerous water quality. Does the Flint Water Crisis ring a bell? Before purchasing an RO system, it is important to understand what you are trying to filter out of your water relative to the system you are looking at purchasing. 



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      Best Reverse Osmosis Systems for Small Families (1-2 People)

      For small families consisting of 1-2 people, selecting the right reverse osmosis (RO) system can be a crucial decision. Fortunately, there is a wide array of options that cater to the unique needs of smaller households, ranging from under-sink RO systems to countertop solutions. In this guide, we will explore our top recommendations, keeping in mind affordability, efficiency, and ease of installation.

      We’ve put together our picks of the best RO options based on family size. All of our recommendations are “point of use” systems and are traditionally installed in your kitchen at your water source. We’ve included countertop, under-sink, and in-line RO recommendations.  


      Our Top Picks for Small Families:

      • Frizzlife PD400 Under-Sink RO System ($298.75):
        • Compact and efficient, the Frizzlife PD400 is an excellent choice for those with limited space.
        • This under-sink system provides clean and purified water without compromising on quality.



      • SimPure T1-400 Under Sink 5 Stage 400 GPD RO System ($269.99):
        • With a robust 5-stage filtration process, this system ensures the removal of contaminants, delivering safe drinking water for your small family.



        • Ideal for spaces where under-sink installation is not feasible, this countertop RO system offers both hot and cold purified water, adding convenience to your kitchen.



      • Frizzlife Countertop Instant Hot Water Filtration System ($139.99):
        • An affordable countertop solution that provides instant hot water while effectively filtering out impurities.



      • Waterdrop K19 Standard & Instant Hot Countertop RO System ($359.00):
        • Combining standard and instant hot water options, this system caters to diverse preferences, making it suitable for small families.



      Best Reverse Osmosis System for Mid-Size Families (3-5 People)

      For mid-size families, with 3-5 members, the Frizzlife PD500 emerges as a standout choice. Capable of producing up to 500 gallons per day, this high-quality unit ensures an ample supply of purified water for daily consumption.

      Additionally, the Frizzlife PD600 offers a more compact and budget-friendly alternative without compromising on features. With a five-stage filter and automatic shutoff when the tank is full, it provides excellent value for its price.

      For those seeking affordability without compromising on effectiveness, the Waterdrop WD-TSB-10 Three Stage Filtration System or the Waterdrop Ultra Filtration Quick Connect System are highly recommended.


      Our Top Picks for Mid-Size Families:

      • Frizzlife PD500 Under Sink RO System ($319.99)
        • A powerful RO system capable of meeting the water needs of mid-size families with ease. 500 GPD capacity offers great flow for growing families.



      • Frizzlife PD600 Under Sink RO System ($445.95)
        • A compact and budget-friendly alternative, offering high-quality filtration for households with 3-5 members.



      • Waterdrop Ultra Filtration Quick Connect (starting at $60)
        • An affordable quick-connect system ensuring the removal of contaminants without the need for sophisticated installation.


      • Waterdrop WD-TSB-10 Ultra Filtration Quick Connect System ($139.99)
        • An effective and budget-friendly option catering to the filtration needs of mid-size families.


      Best Reverse Osmosis System for Large Families (5+ People)

      Large families, with 5 or more members, require a robust RO system to ensure a continuous supply of purified water. The Waterdrop G3P800 Under Sink RO System and the Frizzlife PD1000 Under Sink RO System are our top recommendations for large families.

      With a 7-stage filtration process, the Waterdrop G3P800 guarantees the purest water possible. Similarly, the Frizzlife PD1000 boasts an impressive capacity of 1000 gallons per day, making it an ideal choice for homes with multiple residents.


      Our Top Picks for Large Families:



      • Frizzlife PD1000 Under Sink RO System ($639.99)
        • With a capacity of 1000 gallons per day, this system is perfect for households with multiple residents requiring a consistent supply of clean water.


        Best Reverse Osmosis System for Families on a Budget

        If you're looking for a reverse osmosis system that won't break the bank, but still delivers high-quality water, consider the Frizzlife PD500. This is an excellent choice for families on a budget because it has everything you need in a RO system for under $400.

        Any of the quick connect filtration systems are also offered at a great bargain with prices starting as low as $60. There is also no need for electricity under or around your sink with this option!


        Our Budget Picks:

        • Frizzlife PD500 Under Sink RO System ($319.99)
          • An excellent budget-friendly choice, offering all the essential features of an RO system at an affordable price.



        • Waterdrop Ultra Filtration Quick Connect (starting at $60)
          • An economical quick-connect system providing efficient water filtration without the need for an expensive setup.


        • Waterdrop WD-TSB-10 Ultra Filtration Quick Connect System ($139.99)
          • A budget-friendly option catering to families on a tight budget, ensuring access to clean water without breaking the bank.


        Best Reverse Osmosis System for Remineralization

        While RO systems are highly effective at purifying water, they may inadvertently remove beneficial minerals. To address this concern, some systems come equipped with a remineralization stage. The Frizzlife PD500, PD600, and PX500-A are our top recommendations for families seeking a built-in remineralization feature.

        Here are a few systems that offer built-in remineralization!

        • Frizzlife PD500 Under Sink RO System ($319.99)
          • A comprehensive RO system with built-in remineralization, ensuring a balanced mineral content in the purified water.



        • Frizzlife PD600 Under Sink RO System ($445.95)
          • A compact alternative with remineralization capabilities, providing balanced and healthy drinking water.



        • Frizzlife PX500-A Reverse Osmosis System ($459.99)
          • Featuring advanced remineralization, this system guarantees not only pure but also mineral-rich water for your family's well-being. 


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