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  • Pentair vs Pelican - What's the Difference?

    May 10, 2024 2 min read

    pentair vs pelican water systems

    What is the difference between Pentair vs Pelican?

    The answer is quite simple - while Pentair and Pelican operate under different names, they actually roll up to the same company. In other words, Pentair is the parent company of Pelican Water Systems.

    In fact, Pentair has nearly 30 different brands that all operate under their parent company name. Some household names that you might recognize include WellMate, Fleck, StaRite, Pentek, and of course Pelican.


    Pelican vs Pentair

    Why Differentiate Between Pelican vs Pentair?

    Pentair has been a leader in creating diversified solutions for its customers. By building out different brands under its parent company, Pentair is able to effectively cater to a whole host of different industries including residential, commercial, industrial, municipal and agricultural customer bases. 

    Pentair's Pelican line of water systems offers homeowners with a wide variety of water treatment solutions including whole home filtration systems, water softeners, UV treatment and shower filters. 


    pentair vs pelican

      Complete List of Pentair Brands & Their Target Market:

      • AURORA - Fire Suppression Pumps
      • AUTOTROL - Multi-Port Valves & Controllers
      • BERKELEY - Water Pumps
      • CODELINE - Pressure Vessels
      • EVERPURE - Foodservice & Commercial Filtration
      • FAIRBANKS NIJHUIS - Industrial Pumps
      • FLECK - Water Control Valves
      • FLOTEC - Water Storage & Pressurization
      • GOYEN MECAIR - Dust Collector Cleaning Systems
      • HAFFMANS - Industrial c02 Recovery Equipment
      • HYPRO - Spraying Pumps & Nozzles
      • HYDROMATIC - Waste Water Pump Solutions
      • JUNG PUMPEN - Waste Water Solutions
      • MYERS - Waste Water Disposal & Supply Pumps
      • PELICAN - Residential Water Treatment Solutions
      • PENTEK - Residential Point of Use Systems
      • PLEATCO - Replacement Cartridges
      • SHURFLO - Water Pumps & Filtration
      • SIATA - Water Treatment Plant Solutions
      • SIMER - Residential Water Movement & Storage
      • STA-RITE - Residential Water & Pool Pumps
      • SUDMO - Hygienic & Aseptic Valves
      • STRUCTURAL - Industrial Water Supply
      • UNION ENGINEERING - c02 Technology for Storage
      • WELLMATE - Composite Tanks 
      • X-FLOW - Industrial Membrane Technology

      Popular Pelican Water Treatment Options

      Water Softener and Carbon Filter Combos (Pelican PAC4 & Pelican PAC7)

      Pentair Pelican PAC4 Whole House Carbon Filter and Softener Combo

      Whole House Pelican Water Filters (Pelican PC600 & Pelican PC1000)

      Pentair Pelican PC600 Whole House Water Filter System

      UV Treatment (Pelican PUV7 & Pelican PUV14)

      Pelican PUV 7


        Looking for Additional Pentair Systems & Resources? 

        Drop a comment below and we will be sure to follow up with you. We have a library of manuals for older systems and discontinued Pentair products if you are in need of these resources. We look forward to hearing from you!


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